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Martin Meciar

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r. 2007

Doc. Elena Horska

Kľúčové slová:
elektronický predaj, marketing na internete, webový dotazník, SPSS, typológia

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SPOLOČENSKÉ VEDY » Ekonomické vedy a manažment » Obchod a marketing

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Upozornenie: obsah diplomovej práce je chránený autorským zákonom č. 618/2003 Z.z.

Aplikácia marketingových nástrojov v prostredí internetu

Martin Meciar (Školiteľ: Doc. Elena Horska) | pridané: 26. mája 2007

Abstrakt diplomovej práce:

Vytvorenie elektronickej predajne, príprava marketingového mixu, prieskum spotrebiteľov a predajcov prostredníctvom webových dotazníkov a analýza získaných údajov pomocou programu SPSS (typológia)

Growth of Internet usage in the last years has become an important condition for further development of e-commerce. Internet that serves as a platform for e-commerce calls for the new innovative approaches in marketing, logistics, customer care and other areas of entrepreneurship.

The main goal of our work was to identify the conditions of internet usage, and e-commerce level in the Slovak republic; to create and start our own model e-shop, and to research and analyze the attitudes about e-shopping of Slovak internet users.

We may observe an increasing trend of internet usage in comparison to former years. In 2005, more then 43% of Slovaks logged on to internet network. It is expected that the percentage of internet users in Slovak republic will rise in the near future. The most significant contribution to this positive trend make internet providers and state activities in this area. Some years ago, internet was considered as a tool for playing games and spending leisure time. This image has changed, and internet has gained its honorary place in Slovak households as a medium for learning, working, communication, searching of information, and last but not least for ordering services or purchasing goods.

For survey purposes we have created our model electonical shop at the web site www.obchod.imx.sk . The domain name imx.sk was registered by the web hosting provider Exohosting.sk, together with web hosting – an internet space where the model eshop has been loaded, and database where the tracked information are stored.

Model e-shop is running on a free licensed application Oscommerce. This applications is very popular by Slovak internet entrepreneurs, due to the fact that it is a well-functioning and user-friendly programme that can be easily customized to meet the various graphic expectations.

Internet brings about new challenges, opportunities but also obstacles for implementation of the traditional 4P marketing tools.

The traditional product policy has to take into account the fact that visitors of the e-shop perceive not only the offer of services and products but also the graphic and organization of a webpage. The best webpages are mostly the ones with a well-arranged and user-friendly control and a quick display. Too many pictures, wrong colors or confusing menu navigation can lead to visitors clicking away for the next competitor. Basically everything can be sold in internet.. Good internet seller cannot forget that a text description of an offered product is not enough. What the customers need are pictures or 3D images as a compensation for disability to check the product in their hands.

Each electronical shop works as a price catalog. Visitors can view the price list and compare it to competition. Slovaks traditionally expect products in internet to be cheaper than in stone shops. This is a remarkable knowledge; the internet seller can sell products that the visitor will not get in a stone shop or he can focus on a price battle and offer the low prices on the market. Viral marketing means to let the visitor get some free services or product (useful software, email box, ect.) and at the same time market another extra services or products that the customer will be charged for. The main concept of viral marketing is based on an effort to increase the website attendance. Price policy of internet shop should not leave out the traditional price tools as price differentiation, loyalty bonus and price packages.

Distribution is strongly tied on a physical part of a company (excluding the distribution of electonical products or services). The internet sellers in SR usually use the services of Slovak post or UPC. Distribution could be described as a final part of the whole purchase. It includes the price for distribution, packing, and the time for delivery. Even the distribution makes a place for distinction from competitors. Customers claim quick and safe delivery and will prefer the internet sellers that can fulfill it.

Internet sellers often use their own webpage to communicate and promote offered products or services. The location of the specific products on the webpage is of high value.

To draw visitors’ attention needs to a lot of promotion and internet surroundings make it possible to lead an interactive communication with the visitor. Color, sound, text animations...those are just a handful of tools that can be provided by internet sellers to gain the visitors favor. The paper advertising in the mailbox is replaced in the internet by newsletters with the latest offer and best price promotions. The contact information such as mail , phone or fax number, are necessary and should not be missing on any webpage.

Another part of communication is to make the internet users to visit the proper eshop. Internet world does not know borders and it is spread all over the living world. Each day new websites are added into the internet world and new eshops created. From a customers’ view it means the same as walking in the big confusing maze lined with shops without a map and searching for some product or service. One of the most important tasks of marketing is to help the customer to find the way straight to our e-shop. Media that are used for this purpose are internet locators and website banners.

As part of our goal to create a model eshop, we have outlined a organization chart and a description of processes running by purchase or administrating the eshop. Inseparable component of a purchase in internet is a payment for bought products or services. Our model e-shop enable the cash on delivery and credit card payment.

As a practical example of e-commerce in the Slovak republic we present two on-line shops providing their business for more the 3 years.

We conducted two web surveys using web questionnaire on marketing activities of selected internet sellers and customer attitudes about electronical form of purchase. The output of our survey is customer typology.

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MECIAR, Martin: Aplikácia marketingových nástrojov v prostredí internetu [ Diplomová práca ] Slovenská poľnohospodárska univerzita v Nitre, Fakulta ekonomiky a menežmentu, Iná katedra. Školiteľ: Doc. Elena Horska. Rok obhajoby: 2007